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Volume 23, Number 5—May 2017


Reassortant Clade Avian Influenza A(H5N6) Virus in a Wild Mandarin Duck, South Korea, 2016

Jung-Hoon Kwon1, Dong-Hun Lee1, David E. Swayne, Jin-Yong Noh, Seong-Su Yuk, Tseren-Ochir Erdene-Ochir, Woo-Tack Hong, Jei-Hyun Jeong, Sol Jeong, Gyeong-Bin Gwon, Seok Lee, and Chang-Seon SongComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea (J.-H. Kwon, J.-Y. Noh, S.-S. Yuk, T.-O. Erdene-Ochir, W.-T. Hong, J.-H. Jeong, S. Jeong, G.-B. Gwon, C.-S. Song); US Department of Agriculture, Athens, Georgia, USA (D.-H. Lee, D.E. Swayne); Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul (S. Lee)

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Table 1

Nucleotide identities between reassortant clade avian influenza A(H5N6) virus isolated from a wild Mandarin duck, South Korea, 2016, and nearest virus homologs in the GISAID database*

Gene Virus GISAID accession no. % Identity
PB2 A/feline/Guangdong/2/2015(H5N6) EPI760095 99.09
PB1 A/duck/Guangdong/S4040/2011(H4N2) EPI692414 97.01
PA A/Syrrhaptes paradoxus/Guangdong/ZH283/2015(H5N6) EPI839169 98.96
HA A/great_egret/Hong_Kong/00032/2016(H5N6) EPI687156 99.17
NP A/Syrrhaptes paradoxus/Guangdong/ZH283/2015(H5N6) EPI839171 99.16
NA A/great_egret/Hong_Kong/00032/2016(H5N6) EPI687157 99.24
M A/feline/Guangdong/2/2015(H5N6) EPI760101 98.98
NS A/duck/Jiangxi/NCDZT1123/2014(H5N6) EPI590810 98.31

*GISAID, Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (; HA, hemagglutinin; MP, matrix; NA, neuraminidase; NP, nucleoprotein; NS, nonstructural protein; PA, polymerase acidic; PB1, polymerase basic 1; PB2, polymerase basic 2.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.