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Volume 24, Number 4—April 2018

Imipenem Resistance in Clostridium difficile Ribotype 017, Portugal

Joana Isidro, Andrea Santos, Alexandra Nunes, Vítor Borges, Catarina Silva, Luís Vieira, Aristides L. Mendes, Mónica Serrano, Adriano O. Henriques, João Paulo Gomes, and Mónica OleastroComments to Author 
Author affiliations: National Institute of Health, Lisbon, Portugal (J. Isidro, A. Santos, A. Nunes, V. Borges, C. Silva, L. Vieira, J.P. Gomes, M. Oleastro); Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier, Oeiras, Portugal (A.L. Mendes, M. Serrano, A.O. Henriques)

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Table 2

Mutations differentiating Clostridium difficile RT017 imipenem-resistant isolates found at hospital A from imipenem-susceptible isolates found at hospital B, Portugal

Gene in M68 genome* Genome position* Nucleotide in M68 Nucleotide change† Amino acid change† Gene product
RS02665 512416 C C578T Ala193Val‡ Multidrug ATP-binding cassette transporter permease, associated with antimicrobial drug resistance
RS04280/pbp1 905394 G G1663A Ala555Thr‡ Penicillin-binding transpeptidase
RS04935 1048151 C T1010C Ile337Thr‡ 3-Isopropylmalate dehydratase large subunit
RS05670/pbp3 1221182 G A2162C Tyr721Ser‡ Penicillin-binding protein
RS07765 1666351 G G214T Gly72§ Hypothetical protein
RS07795/hisB 1671129 T T209C Ile70Thr‡ Imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase
RS07810 1673280 T C474T Ala158Ala Imidazoleglycerol-phosphate synthase cyclase subunit
RS08415 1792079 G A241G Lys81Glu‡ Hypothetical protein (domain of MerR-like transcriptional regulators)
RS08810 1882950 C C420T Asp140Asp Flavodoxin
RS14235 3083548 G G421T Gly141§ Haloacid dehalogenase
RS18530 4054525 C C220T Gln74§ S-adenosyl methionine–dependent methyltransferase
RS19130/gyrA 4174650 C C245T Thr82Ile‡ DNA gyrase subunit A
RS19545 4255124 C C400T His134Tyr‡ Phage portal, SPP1 Gp6-like family protein

*Relative to the annotation of the C. difficile M68 genome (GenBank accession no. NC_017175).
†Changes observed between imipenem-resistant and imipenem-susceptible isolates.
‡Nonsynonymous mutations.
§Mutations leading to putative protein truncation.

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