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Volume 26, Number 10—October 2020

Main Routes of Entry and Genomic Diversity of SARS-CoV-2, Uganda

Daniel Lule Bugembe1, John Kayiwa1, My V.T. Phan1, Phiona Tushabe, Stephen Balinandi, Beatrice Dhaala, Jonas Lexow, Henry Mwebesa, Jane Aceng, Henry Kyobe, Deogratius Ssemwanga, Julius Lutwama, Pontiano Kaleebu, and Matthew CottenComments to Author 
Author affiliations: UK Medical Research Council–Uganda Virus Research Institute and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Uganda Research Unit, Entebbe, Uganda (D. Lule Bugembe, B. Dhaala, J. Lexow, D. Ssemwanga, P. Kaleebu, M. Cotten); Uganda Virus Research Institute, Entebbe (J. Kiyawa, P. Tushabe, S. Balinandi, D. Ssemwanga, J. Lutwama, P. Kaleebu); Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (M.V.T. Phan); Uganda Ministry of Health, Kampala, Uganda (H. Mwebesa, J. Aceng, H. Kyobe); UK Medical Research Council–University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (M. Cotten)

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Summary characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 genomes obtained from 20 persons entering Uganda*

Genome GISAID ID† Sample date Ct Patient age, y Patient travel history Lineage‡
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG001/2020 EPI_ISL_451183 2020 Mar 23 19 48 Miami to Istanbul A
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG002/2020 EPI_ISL_451184 2020 Mar 26 19 43 Dubai A
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG003/2020 EPI_ISL_451185 2020 Mar 27 22 10 UK B.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG004/2020 EPI_ISL_451186 2020 Mar 27 18 25 UK to NL to Rwanda B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG005/2020 EPI_ISL_451187 2020 Mar 27 18 26 UK to NL to Rwanda B
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG006/2020 EPI_ISL_451188 2020 Mar 30 23 27 UK to NL to Rwanda B
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG007/2020 EPI_ISL_451189 2020 Mar 30 21 8 UK to NL to Rwanda B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG008/2020 EPI_ISL_451190 2020 Mar 30 22 7 UK to NL to Rwanda B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG009/2020 EPI_ISL_451191 2020 Mar 30 20 9 UK to NL to Rwanda B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG010/2020 EPI_ISL_451192 2020 Mar 30 22 27 UK to NL to Rwanda B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG011/2020 EPI_ISL_451193 2020 Mar 30 21 29 Contact B.4
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG012/2020 EPI_ISL_451194 2020 Mar 22 24 37 Dubai A
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG013/2020 EPI_ISL_451195 2020 Mar 22 23 35 Dubai B
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG014/2020 EPI_ISL_451196 2020 Mar 25 27 31 Dubai B.1.1.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG015/2020 EPI_ISL_451197 2020 Apr 27 16 27 Kenya, by truck B.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG016/2020 EPI_ISL_451198 2020 Apr 27 19 52 Kenya, by truck B.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG017/2020 EPI_ISL_451199 2020 Apr 20 22 42 Tanzania, by truck A
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG018/2020 EPI_ISL_451200 2020 May 1 28 22 Tanzania, by truck B.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG019/2020 EPI_ISL_451201 2020 Apr 30 29 39 Kenya, by truck B.1
hCoV-19/Uganda/UG020/2020 EPI_ISL_451202 2020 May 1 25 47 Kenya, by truck B.1

*Ct, cycle threshold (based on diagnostic real-time reverse transcription PCR; NL, the Netherlands; SARS-CoV-2, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; UK, United Kingdom.
†Virus genomes sequences available from GISAID (
‡SARS-CoV-2 lineages determined by using CoV-GLUE (13).

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1These first authors contributed equally to this article.

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