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Volume 26, Number 7—July 2020

Macrolide-Resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infections in Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Yu-Chin Chen1, Wei-Yun Hsu1, and Tu-Hsuan Chang1Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: Chi-Mei Medical Center, Chiali, Tainan, Taiwan (Y.-C. Chen); Chi-Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan (W.-Y. Hsu, T.-H. Chang)

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Characteristics of the eligible studies of macrolide resistance and Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections.

Author Study period Country Mutations detected Disease entity Case no. Resistance
Chen (8) 2014–2016 China A2063G, A2064G CAP, inpatient 136 60%
Ma (9) 2010–2011 China A2063G, A1290G CAP, inpatient 57 63%
Xin (10) 2004–2005 China A2063G, A2064G CAP, inpatient 64 59%
Yuan (11) 2016 China A2063G, A2064G, C2617G CAP, inpatient 120 82%
Zhou (7) 2009–2010 China A2063G, A2063T, A2064G CAP, inpatient 235 88%
Cheong (12) 2011–2013 HK A2063G CAP, inpatient 93 27%
Lung (13) 2010–2013 HK A2063G CAP, inpatient 48 71%
Cardinale (14) 2010 Italy A2063G, A2064G CAP, inpatient 46 17%
Akashi (15) 2016–2017 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, mixed 222 65%
Ishiguro (16) 2013–2015 Japan A2063G CAP, mixed 109 54%
Kawai (17) 2005–2010 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, mixed 29 72%
Kawai (18) 2005–2012 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, mixed 188 80%
Matsubara (19) 2002–2006 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, NS 69 32%
Miyashita (20) 2008–2011 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, NS 71 59%
Okada (21) 2011 Japan A2063G, A2064G CAP, mixed 202 87%
Kim JH (22) 2011–2015 Korea A2063G CAP, inpatient 250 74%
Kim YJ (23) 2010–2015 Korea A2063G CAP, inpatient 107 10%
Lee (24) 2015 Korea A2063G CAP, mixed 94 13%
Seo (25) 2011 Korea A2063G CAP, inpatient 95 52%
Yoo (26) 2011 Korea A2063G CAP, mixed 91 30%
Yoon (27) 2010–2015 Korea A2063G CAP, inpatient 116 71%
Wu HM (28) 2011 Taiwan A2063G CAP, inpatient 73 12%
Wu PS (29) 2010–2011 Taiwan A2063G CAP, inpatient 60 23%
Yang (30) 2010–2017 Taiwan A2063G, A2063T, A2064G CAP, mixed 471 24%

*CAP, community acquired pneumonia; HK, Hong Kong; NS, not specified.

Main Article

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1All authors contributed equally to this article.

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