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Volume 26, Number 8—August 2020

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Distancing Interventions to Delay or Flatten the Epidemic Curve of Coronavirus Disease

Laura MatrajtComments to Author  and Tiffany Leung
Author affiliations: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Description of parameters used in the susceptible-exposed-infectious-removed mathematical model for evaluating the effectiveness of social distancing interventions on coronavirus disease*

Parameter Meaning Value Range Reference
1/σ Mean latent period 5.16 days 4.5–5.8 days (14)
1/γ Mean infectious period 5.02 days 3–9 days
β Transmission coefficient Calculated NA NA
С Contact matrix NA NA (19)
Total population
3.5 million
*NA, not applicable.
†Q. Bi, unpub. data,

Main Article

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