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Volume 28, Number 8—August 2022

Novel Reassortant Avian Influenza A(H5N6) Virus, China, 2021

Junhong Chen1, Lingyu Xu1, Tengfei Liu1, Shumin Xie1, Ke Li, Xiao Li, Mengmeng Zhang, Yifan Wu, Xinkai Wang, Jinfeng Wang, Keyi Shi, Beibei Niu, Ming LiaoComments to Author , and Weixin JiaComments to Author 
Author affiliations: South China Agricultural University College of Veterinary Medicine, Guangzhou, China (J. Chen, L. Xu, T. Liu, S. Xie, X. Li, M. Zhang, Y. Wu, X. Wang, J. Wang, K. Shi, B. Niu, M. Liao, W. Jia); Experimental Animal Center, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou (S. Xie); Yunnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute, Kunming, Yunnan, China (K. Li); Key Laboratory of Zoonoses and Key Laboratory of Animal Vaccine Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Guangzhou, China (M. Liao, W. Jia); Key Laboratory of Zoonoses Prevention and Control of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou (W. Jia)

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Table 1

Mutation sites for novel influenza A(H5N6) avian influenza viruses detected from humans and birds, China, 2021*

Strain HA gene Function PB2 gene Function Host
A/Chongqing/00013/2021/H5N6 S137A/T192I
Increased α-2,6 sialic acid receptor affinity T33K/L89V/G309D
Enhanced virulence of H5 viruses in mice Human
A/Sichuan/06681/2021/H5N6 Human
A/Sichuan/06689/2021/H5N6 Human
A/Hunan/09285/2021/H5N6 Human
A/Hunan/09911/2021/H5N6 Human
A/Chongqing/02/2021/H5N6 Human
A/chicken/Chongqing/001/2021/H5N6V† Avian
A/goose/Guangdong/210520/2021/H5N6V† Avian
A/chicken/Guangdong/210518/2021/H5N6† Avian
A/duck/Chengdu/210462/2021/H5N6† Avian
A/goose/Dongguan/D48/2021/H5N6† Avian
A/duck/Dongguan/LD9/2021/H5N6† Avian
A/ENV/Dongguan/ED3/2021/H5N6† Environment
A/duck/Dongguan/IBC54/2021/H5N6† Avian
A/duck/Dongguan/IBC59/2021/H5N6† Avian

A/whooper swan/Xinjiang/13/2020/H5N6‡ 137S/192T None Avian
A/chicken/Suzhou/j6/2019/H5N6‡ 137S/192T None Avian
A/China/Original/2018/H5N6‡ 137S/192T None Human

*HA, hemagglutinin; PB2, polymerase basic 2. †Avian and environmental strains isolated in study of novel reassortant avian influenza A(H5N6) virus, China, in 2021. The remaining reference strains were downloaded from GISAID ( All strains isolated from humans in 2021 were novel A(H5N6) viruses. ‡Reference strain (clade that did not have HA gene mutation before 2021.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.

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