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Volume 3, Number 1—March 1997


Isolation and Phylogenetic Characterization of Ebola Viruses Causing Different Outbreaks in Gabon

Marie-Claude Georges-Courbot*, Anthony Sanchez†, Chang-Yong Lu*, Sylvain Baize*, Eric Leroy*, Joseph Lansout-Soukate*, Carole Tévi-Bénissan*, Alain J. Georges*, Sam G. Trappier†, Sherif R. Zaki†, Robert Swanepoel‡, Patricia A. Leman‡, Pierre E. Rollin†, Clarence J. Peters†, Stuart T. Nichol†, and Thomas G. Ksiazek†
Author affiliations: *Centre International de Recherches Médicales, BP 769 Franceville, Gabon; †Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ‡National Institute for Virology, Sandringham, South Africa

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Origin and identification of the sequence used in the analysis

Outbreak Patient # Specimen Date of original
specimen Laboratory #
Gabon, Fall 94 1 Blood Dec 28,94 Gab280
Gabon, 1 Blood Feb 20,96 Gab281
Spring 96 2 Blood Feb 8,96 Gab282
3 Blood Feb 8,96 Gab283
 Fall 96 1 Serum Oct 27,96 Gab275
Vero E6 Passage 1 Oct 27,96 Gab276
Vero E6 Passage 1 Oct 25,96 Gab277
2 Plasma Oct 27,96 Gab278
Vero E6 Passage 1 Oct 27,96 Gab279
South Africa, Fall 96 1 Vero E6 Passage 1 Nov 9,96 SA253

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