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Volume 3, Number 1—March 1997


Knowledge-Based Patient Screening for Rare and Emerging Infectious/Parasitic Diseases: A Case Study of Brucellosis and Murine Typhus

Craig N. Carter*, Norman C. Ronald†, James H. Steele‡, Ed Young§, Jeffery P. Taylor¶, Leon H. Russell*, A. K. Eugster*, and Joe E. West*
Author affiliations: *Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA; †Texas Medical Informatics, Inc., College Station, Texas, USA; ‡University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas, USA; §Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA; and ¶Texas Department of Health, Austin, Texas, USA

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Table 1

Knowledge base of 223 diseases at the time of case study

Information axis Disease entities Lines of text
Etiology 410
Epidemiologya 9724
Immunodeficiency info 352
Diagnostic procedures 306
Diagnostic procedure 637
Occupational linksb 37
Geographic links (countries)c 191
Vectors/Invertebrate hosts 703
Symptoms/Clinical signs 1422
Treatment/Prevention 3162
Special considerationsd 308
Bibliographic citations 838
Descriptive notese 322

aIncludes specific etiologic information, reservoirs, portal of entry/escape, mode of transmission/dissemination, susceptible hosts, incubation period, seasonal distribution, age/sex/race/religion/occupation relationships, mortality and zoonotic classification.
bLists occupations with increased potential for exposure.
cLists countries where the disease is known to occur.
dDescribes additional disease attributes not fitting other categories.
ePop-up definitions of medical terms and concepts in the knowledge base.

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