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Volume 3, Number 1—March 1997


Knowledge-Based Patient Screening for Rare and Emerging Infectious/Parasitic Diseases: A Case Study of Brucellosis and Murine Typhus

Craig N. Carter*, Norman C. Ronald†, James H. Steele‡, Ed Young§, Jeffery P. Taylor¶, Leon H. Russell*, A. K. Eugster*, and Joe E. West*
Author affiliations: *Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA; †Texas Medical Informatics, Inc., College Station, Texas, USA; ‡University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas, USA; §Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA; and ¶Texas Department of Health, Austin, Texas, USA

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Table 3

Other diseases commonly listed in the differential diagnosis of brucellosis

1. Toxoplasmosis 6. Rat bite fever
2. Q fever 7. Listeriosis
3. Viral hepatitis A 8. Blastomycosis
4. Salmonellosis 9. Trichinellosis
5. Histoplasmosis 10. Lyme borreliosis

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