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Volume 3, Number 2—June 1997


Japanese Spotted Fever: Report of 31 Cases and Review of the Literature

Fumihiko Mahara
Author affiliation: Mahara Hospital, Tokushima, Japan

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Table 2

Reported tick species positive for Rickettsia japonica and their prevalence in endemic disease areas

No. positive/no. examined
Tick species Tokushima Kochi Kanagawa
Dermacentor taiwanensis 3/5a, 1/1b - -
Haemaphysalis flava 6/36a 3/10a 1-3/90c
Haemaphysalis formosensis - 10/16a -
Haemaphysalis hystricis +d 5/9a -
Haemaphysalis longicornis - 1/1a, 6/9e, -
Ixodes ovatus 1/13a - 1/16c

aHemolymph test by immunoperoxidase stain using R. japonica-specific monoclonal antibody (22).
bIsolation (28).
cPolymerase chain reaction (PCR) using the primers designed for amplifying the genomic DNA from only R. japonica (25).
dPCR method same as the above (24). Number was not shown.
eHemolymph test by immunoflurescein stain using R. japonica-specific monoclonal antibody (23).
fRestriction fragment length polymorphism of PCR product (23).

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