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Volume 4, Number 2—June 1998


Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli

James P. Nataro*Comments to Author , Theodore Steiner†, and Richard L. Guerrant†
Author affiliations: *University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; †University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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Table 1

Epidemiologic studies associating enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) with diarrhea ( p < 0.05)

Source orreference Syndrome Site EAEC in cases
vs controls Comments
4 All diarrhea Santiago, Chile 84(33%)/253 vs 20(15%)/134a Community and hospital-based. First description of EAEC
37 Persistent diarrhea Anapur-Palla, India 18(30%)/61 vs. 20(10%)/201b Household surveillance of ruralchildren <3 yrs; first association of EAEC with PD
50 Persistent diarrhea New Delhi, India 18(20%)/92 vs 6(7%)/92b Case-control study of non- bloody PD in children < 2 yrs
28 Persistent diarrhea Fortaleza, Brazil 8(20%)/40 vs. 2(5%)/38b s Household surveillance of children < 5 yr
39 All diarrhea; persistent diarrhea Morales, Mexico 78(12%)/636a
and 29(51%)/57b
vs 5(5%)/100 Household surveillance of children < 2 yrs
43 Persistent diarrhea Mirzapoor, Bangladesh 17(27%)/62 vs 5(18%)/28c Household surveillance of children < 6 yrs. EAEC isolated in first 2 days of episode predicts persistence
29 Persistent diarrhea Fortaleza, Brazil 8(20%)/40 vs 2(5%)/38b Outpatients < 29 months with PD
51 All diarrhea New Delhi, India 9(21%%)/42 vs 4(4%)/107b Children < 4 yrs referred to hospital
38 Acute diarrhea Calcutta, India 17(11%)/159 vs 3(2%)/174d EAEC associated with acute secretory diarrhea in hospitalized pediatric patients
42 All diarrhea Tehran, Iran 99(32%)/309 vs 17(17%)/100a Pediatric outpatients. High rate of antibiotic resistance among EAEC
39 Persistent diarrhea Fortaleza, Brazil 38(68%)/56 vs 13(31%)/42b Outpatients < 3 yrs; EAEC associated with more cases of PD than all other agents combined
48 Acute diarrhea Vellore, India 60(8%)/794 vs 22(4%)/566a Outpatients < 3 yrs with diarrhea < 3days
52 All diarrhea Wurbuerg, Germany 16(2%)/79 vs 0/580a Hospitalized children < 16 yrs. First description of EAEC disease burden in industrialized countries
41 Acute diarrhea Caracas, Venezuela 138(27%)/513 vs 36(15%)/241a Inpatient and outpatient children < 2 yrs with diarrhea < 3 days. EAEC only associated with diarrhea in infants < 2 mos of age
Jalla-luddin et al., 1997, pers. comm. All diarrhea Lwiro, Zaire 29(25%)/115 vs 3(8%)/34a Outpatients < 5 yrs. First description of EAEC in Africa

aAll diarrhea vs. asymptomatic.
bPersistent diarrhea (PD) vs. asymptomatic.
cPersistent diarrhea vs. acute diarrhea.
dSecretory vs. invasive diarrhea.

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