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Volume 4, Number 2—June 1998


Molecular and Epidemiologic Analysis of Dengue Virus Isolates from Somalia

Niranjan Kanesa-thasan*Comments to Author , Gwong-Jen J. Chang†, Bonnie L. Smoak*, Alan Magill*, M. Jeanne Burrous*, and Charles H. Hoke*
Author affiliations: *Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, DC, USA; †Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA

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Table 1

Patients from whom dengue-2 virus isolates were recovered

Patient Noa Location Unit Dates of illness (1993) Max. temp (°F) Headache Body-ache Eye pain Rash
23 Mogadishu/Airport 711 Postal 5-9 Mar 102.0 No Yes Yes Yes
20 Kismayu/ICRC Hospital 2/87th 4-10 Mar 102.0 Yes No No No
21 Kismayu/ICRC Hospital 2/87th 4-8 Mar 102.6 Yes No Yes Yes
02 Kismayu/Airport 710 MSB 27 Feb-5 Mar 103.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 Kismayu/Airport 3/14th 27 Feb-2 Mar 102.0 Yes Yes NAb Yes
12 Kismayu/Airport 129th Postal 28 Feb-4 Mar 104.2 Yes Yes Yes No
13 Kismayu/Airport 3/14th 27 Feb-3 Mar 101.8 Yes Yes NA Yes
56 Mogadishu/Airport LSB 1-4 Apr 103.0 Yes Yes No No
57 Mogadishu/Airport 70th Transport 2-5 Apr 102.4 Yes Yes Yes No
58 Mogadishu/Stadium 1/7th 3-6 Apr 102.8 Yes Yes Yes No
30 Afgoi 984 MP 11-15 Mar 103.4 No Yes Yes No
39 Mog/Checkpoint 57 1/7th 21-25 Mar 103.8 Yes Yes Yes No
46 Mog/Checkpoint 57 1/7th 26-28 Mar 103.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes

aPatients are grouped according to the degree of homology of isolate sequences. Each group represents a single branch in the phylogenetic dendrogram.
bNA = not available

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