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Volume 4, Number 2—June 1998


Molecular and Epidemiologic Analysis of Dengue Virus Isolates from Somalia

Niranjan Kanesa-thasan*Comments to Author , Gwong-Jen J. Chang†, Bonnie L. Smoak*, Alan Magill*, M. Jeanne Burrous*, and Charles H. Hoke*
Author affiliations: *Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, DC, USA; †Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA

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Table 2

Nucleotide sequences at the E-639 to 1233 region of Somalia dengue-2 isolates

E gene position nt/aaa SOM 1984b nt/aa Patientc
654/218 uuA/Leu G G
661/221 Cug/Leu U U
720/240 uuC/Phe U
723/241 aaA.Lys G G
729/243 ccU/Pro C
783/261 caU/His C C
792/264 cuC/Leu U U U U U U U U U U U U U
801/267 gcC/Ala U U
870/290 gaC/Asp U
871/291 Caa/Gln →Lys A A A A A A A A A A A A A
885/295 aaA/Lys G G G G G G G G G G G G G
900/300 UCu/Ser A A A A
972/324 guA/Val G G
1,050/350 cgC/Arg U
1,056/352 auU/Ile C C A A A A
1,074/358 guU/Val C C C C C C C C C C C C C
1,079/360 gAa/Glu →Gly G G
1,082/361 aAa/Lys →Arg G
1,104/368 gaA/Glu G G
1,137/379 auC/Ili U U U U U U U U U U U U U
1,161/387 cuG/Leu A A A A A A A A A A A A A
1,167/389 cuC/Leu U U U U U U U
1,209/403 gaG/Glu A
1,225/409 Gcg/Ala →Pro C

ant/aa = nucleotide/amino acid.
bSomalia 1984 dengue-2 virus.
cCapital letter (A, U, G, C) = different nucleotide sequence; empty cell indicates identical nucleotide sequence.

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