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Volume 4, Number 3—September 1998
ICEID 1998

About Emerging Infectious Diseases

Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Brief Biographical Heritage

D. Peter Drotman
Author affiliation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 1

Virchow's recommendations to the Prussian government regarding the typhus epidemic in Upper Silesia, 1848 (2)

Political reform and local self-government, including local coordination of relief efforts
"Education, with its daughters, liberty and prosperity" (3)
Economic reform
Agricultural reforms, including development of cooperatives
Building of roads
Acceptance of Polish as an official language (while most Silesians spoke Polish, nearly all the physicians and school teachers assigned by the central government spoke only German)
Separation of church and state (he criticized the Catholic hierarchy) (4)

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