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Volume 5, Number 3—June 1999


Application of Data Mining to Intensive Care Unit Microbiologic Data1

Stephen A. MoserComments to Author , Warren T. Jones, and Stephen E. Brossette
Author affiliations: The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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Table 1

Templates used to filter association rules

Template type Left (be1) Right (be2) Explanation
Exclude (R~Antibiotic) (Anything) Want antibiotic sensitivity info on the right only.
Exclude (Anything) (Source) Source of infection is not an outcome. Therefore, exclude all rules with a source on the right.
Exclude (NS OR Org GrMP) (NS OR Org OR GrMP NS, Org, and GrMp are more informative if kept together in either a group or an outcome.
Exclude (Loc) (Org OR GrMp) AND (R~Antibiotic) If the left contains location, then exclude rules that have Org and R~Antibiotic or GrMp and R~Antibiotic.
Include (Org OR Loc) (R~Antibiotic OR GrMp OR Org) AND Not (Loc) Include rules whose groups are Org- or Loc-specific and whose outcomes are Antibiotic- or GrMp-specific.

be1 and be2, Boolean expressions; R, resistant; NS, nosocomial; OR, "or"; Org, organism; GrMp, Gram stain and morphology; Loc, Location.

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1Presented in part at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases, March 8-11, 1998, Atlanta, Georgia.