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Volume 6, Number 1—February 2000


Coccidioidomycosis in New York State

Vishnu Chaturvedi*†Comments to Author , Rama Ramani*, Sally Gromadzki*, Birgit Rodeghier*, Hwa-Gan Chang*, and Dale L. Morse*†
Author affiliations: *New York State Department of Health, Albany, New York, USA; †School of Public Health, University at Albany, SUNY, Albany, New York, USA

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Table 2

Correlation among clinical history, travel, and multilocus genotypes of Coccidioides immitis isolates from 16 patients, New York, 1994–1997

Isolate no. Clinical diagnosis Treatmenta outcome Travel historyb Multilocusc genotype Typing pattern
104-94 - - AZ 01101 AZ
376-95 Pneumonia Itra/discharged AZ 11101 AZ
515-95 Immunocomp.d Amp B, Itra/died AZ/CA 11100 AZ
750-95 - - AZ 11101 AZ
131-96 Pneumonia Flu/discharged AZ/TX 11100 AZ
229-96 Immunocomp. Amp B, Flu, Itra/died AZ 11101 AZ
366-96 Pneumonia No treatment/discharged AZ 11100 AZ
819-96 Immunocomp. Amp B, Itra/died AZ/CA 11100 AZ
269-97 Lung mass No treatment/discharged AZ 11100 AZ
371-97 Immunocomp. Amp B,Flu,Itra/discharged AZ 11100 AZ
474-97 Hydrocephalus Flu/discharged CA 11101 AZ
588-97 Pneumonia Amp B,Flu/discharged AZ 11101 AZ
639-97 Lung mass Thoracotomy/discharged CA/Mexico 11101 AZ
686-97 - - Southwest 11100 AZ
779-97 Pneumonia Itra/discharged CA 11100 AZ
815-97 URIe Flu/discharged AZ/CA 11101 AZ

aAmp B, Amphotericin B; Flu, Fluconazole; Itra, Itraconazole.
bAZ, Arizona; CA, California; TX, Texas.
cThe presence of polymorphism was scored as 1 and its absence as 0; every isolate was assigned a five-numeral genotype.
dImmunocomp, immunocompromised.
eURI, upper respiratory infection.

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