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Volume 6, Number 2—April 2000


Serologic Response to Culture Filtrate Antigens of Mycobacterium ulcerans during Buruli Ulcer Disease

Karen M. Dobos*†, Ellen A. Spotts*†, Barbara J. Marston*, C. Robert Horsburgh*, and C. Harold King*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and †Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 2

Serologic and skin test responses of Buruli ulcer patients and healthy controls from the same villages

Clinical presentation Total Burulin (+)a AB to MUCFb (+)c
Total BU patients (n = 39) 28 (71.8) 26 (66.7)
Healed (n = 16) 15 (93.8) 11 (68.8)
Ulcerative (n = 17) 11 (64.7) 11 (64.7)
Early ulcerative (n = 6) 2 (33.4) 4 (66.7)
No scar or ulcer (n = 21) 3 (14.3) 7 (33.3)

aTotal Burulin (+) numbers and (%) are derived from columns one and two of Table 1 added together without regard to PPD status, and thus represent the highest possible number (percentage) of Burulin (+) BU patients.
bMUCF = Mycobacterium ulcerans culture filtrate.
cDenotes all BU patients and controls with any antibodies detected by Western blot analysis against MUCF.

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