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Volume 6, Number 6—December 2000


Nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae: An Emerging Pathogen in England and Wales?

Mark Reacher*Comments to Author , Mary Ramsay*, Joanne White*, Aruni De Zoysa*, Androulla Efstratiou*, Gina Mann*, Andrew Mackay†, and Robert C. George*
Author affiliations: *Public Health Laboratory Service, London, United Kingdom; †Greenwich District General Hospital, Vanbrugh Hill, London, United Kingdom

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Table 4

Throat isolates of nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae submitted to the Public Health Laboratory Service's Streptococcus and Diphtheria Reference Unit, from U.K. residents,a 1995

Site of isolate Travel outside U.K.within previous 3 months No. ribotyped Ribotypes
Isolates from residents of England and Wales
Throat No 96 78A,3B,1C,1D,5F,1G,1I,1J,1L,1N,1O,1P,1T
Throat Yes 11 7A,1B,1E,1F,1U
Skin Yes 5 1D,1H,1J,1M,1W
Blood Yes 1 1Q
Bronchial washings No 1 1S
Nose No 1 1V
Total 115
Isolates from contacts of residents of England and Wales
Throat No 6 5A,1Q
Total 121
Isolates from residents of Scotland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man
Throat No 8 4A,1K,1L,2R
Total U.K. 129

aU.K. = England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man.

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