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Volume 7, Number 1—February 2001


Transferable Plasmid-Mediated Resistance to Streptomycin in Clinical Isolate of Yersinia pestis

Annie Guiyoule*, Guy Gerbaud*, Carmen Buchrieser*, Marc Galimand*, Lila Rahalison†, Suzanne Chanteau†, Patrice Courvalin*, and Elisabeth Carniel*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; †Institut Pasteur, Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Table 1

Bacterial strain used in study of resistant Yersinia pestis isolate 16/95

Strain and plasmid contenta Source or reference
Y. pestis
16/95 pFra, pPla, pYV, pIP1203 Tra+b Smc Wild strain
6/69 pFra, pPla, pYV Wild strain
6/69cN Nald, pFra, pPla Spontaneous Nal mutant of pYV cured 6/69
6/69cNR Nal, Rife, pFra, pPla Spontaneous Rif mutant of 6/69cN
6/69cN(pIP1203) Nal, pFra, pPla, pIP1203 Tra+ Sm Transconjugant 16/95 x 6/69cN
Y. pseudotuberculosis
IP32790 pYV Wild strain
IP32790cN Nal Spontaneous Nal mutant of pYV cured IP32790
IP32790cN(pIP1203) Nal, pIP1203 Tra+ Sm Transconjugant 16/95 x IP32790cN
Y. enterocolitica
IP864 pYV Wild strain
IP864cN Nal Spontaneous Nal mutant of pYV cured IP864
Escherichia coli
C600R thr leuB6 thi-1 lacY supE rpoB Spontaneous Rif mutant of C600, Bachmann (9)
JM109 hsdR- supE gyrA Yanisch-Perron et al. (10)
K802N hsdR- hsdM+ gal- met- supE gyrA Wood (11)
K802N(pIP1203) pIP1203 Tra+ Sm Transconjugant 16/95 x K802N

aPlasmid content = pFRa, pPla, and pYV are the endogenous plasmids of Y pestis (12).
bTra+ = self-transferable.
cSm = streptomycin resistance.
dNal = nalidixic acid resistance.
eRif = rifampicin resistance.

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