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Volume 7, Number 1—February 2001


A Flea-Associated Rickettsia Pathogenic for Humans

Didier Raoult*Comments to Author , Bernard La Scola*, Maryse Enea*, Pierre-Edouard Fournier*, Véronique Roux*, Florence Fenollar*, Marcio A.M. Galvao†, and Xavier de Lamballerie*
Author affiliations: *Unité des Rickettsies, CNRS UPRESA 6020, France; †Ouro Preto Federal University, Brazil

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Table 2

Time required to infect 90% of cells in a 174-cm2 cell culture flask after inoculation with 5 x105 ELB agent strain Marseille-URRWFXCal2

Incubation temperatures
Cell type 28°C 32°C 37°C
XTC-2 cells 6 days NDa NDa
Vero cells 14 days 14 days No
MRC-5 cells NGb NGb NGb
L-929 cells NGb NGb NGb

aND = not done. XTC-2 cells died at temperatures 32°C.
bNG = no growth was obtained.

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