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Volume 7, Number 1—February 2001


Gastroenteritis in Sentinel General Practices, the Netherlands

Matty A.S. de Wit*Comments to Author , Marion P.G. Koopmans*, Laetitia M. Kortbeek*, Nan J. van Leeuwen*, AAD I.M. Bartelds†, and Yvonne T.H.P. van Duynhoven*
Author affiliations: *National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, The Netherlands; †Netherlands Institute of Primary Health Care, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Table 3

Self-reported symptoms of patients, Netherlands case-control study

No. of cases (N=878) % of cases
Loose stools 861 98.1
Frequent stoolsa 387 78.2
Abdominal cramps 679 77.3
Abdominal pain 673 76.7
Nausea 536 61.0
Vomiting 359 40.9
Fever 335 38.2
Mucus in stool 304 34.6
Blood in stool 97 11.0

aMore frequent than normal as perceived by the respondent.

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