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Volume 7, Number 7—June 2001
International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases 2000

Conference Panel Summary

Plague in the Americas

Alfonso RuizComments to Author 
Author affiliation: Pan American Health Organization, El Paso, Texas, USA

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Table 2

Plague in the Americas: Reservoirs and Vectors

Country Reservoirs Vectors
Bolivia Akodon sp Xenopsylla cheopis
  Rattus rattus Pulex irritans
Brazil Akodon sp X. cheopis
  Oryzomys sp
  Callomys sp
  Bolomy sp
  Monodelphis deomestica
Ecuador R rattus P. irritans
  R. norvegicus
  R. alexandrinus
  Akodon mollis
  Oryzomys sp
  Phyllotis sp
  Scirurus stramineus
United States Marmot (Cynomys sp) Orchopeas sexdentatus
  Rabbits Oropsylla montana
  Rats (Dipodomys sp) Haplosyllus sp
  Mice (Peromyscus sp) Diamanus sp
  Terrestrial squirrel Thrasis sp
  (Citellus sp)
Peru Akodon sp X cheopis
  Oryzomys sp Polygenes sp
  Sigmodon sp Tiamastus sp
  Phyllotis sp P. irritans
  R. rattus
  Cavia porcellus

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