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Volume 7, Number 7—June 2001


A One-Year Study of Foodborne Illnesses in the Municipality of Uppsala, Sweden

Roland Lindqvist*Comments to Author , Yvonne Andersson†, Johan Lindbäck†, Maria Wegscheider‡, Yvonne Eriksson‡, Lasse Tideström§, Angela Lagerqvist-Widh¶, Kjell-Olof Hedlund†, Sven Löfdahl†, Lennart Svensson†, and Anna Norinder#
Author affiliations: *National Food Administration, Uppsala, Sweden; †Swedish Institute for Infectious Diseases Control, Solna, Sweden; ‡The Municipality of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden; §The Regional Infectious Disease Unit, Uppsala, Sweden; ¶University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden; #The Swedish Institute for Health Economics, Lund, Sweden

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Table 4

Estimated costs per case of foodborne illness

Cost per illness
Costs included No. of personsa Averageb no. of visits or days Averageb SEKc ($) Min. SEK Max. SEK
Direct costs
Doctor visits 45 0.2 visits 173 0 3,714
Hospitalization 19 0.2 days 809 0 43,150
Medicine 21 nad 5.3 0 200
Other costs 23 nad 40 0 4,200
Total direct costs 76 1,027 (117) 0 43,265
Indirect costs
Loss of production 122 1.3 days 1137 0 17,934

Total 157 2,164 (246) 0 55,221

aNumber of persons who reported a cost for each of the items in the questionnaire.
bAverages based on 312 persons answering the questions in the standardized questionnaire.
c$1 = 8.81 Swedish Krona (SEK) (May 2, 2000).
dna = not applicable.

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