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Volume 8, Number 12—December 2002


Efficacy of Killed Virus Vaccine, Live Attenuated Chimeric Virus Vaccine, and Passive Immunization for Prevention of West Nile virus Encephalitis in Hamster Model

Robert B. Tesh*Comments to Author , Juan Arroyo†, Amelia P.A. Travassos da Rosa*, Hilda Guzman*, Shu-Yuan Xiao*, and Thomas P. Monath†
Author affiliations: *University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA; †Acambis, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA;

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Table 1

Hemagglutination inhibition, complement fixation, and plaque reduction neutralization antibody responses of naïve adult golden hamsters that survived West Nile virus infectiona,b

Animal no. HI antibody titer WNV antigen CF antibody titer WNV antigenc WNV PRN antibody titerd
H-8589 1:1280 1:320 1:10,240
H-8590 1:640 1:160 1:10,240
H-8591 1:640 1:320 1:5120
H-8592 1:640 1:80 1:2560
H-8593 1:640 1:160 1:2560
H-8594 1:1280 1:160 1:5120
H-8595 1:1280 1:320 1:10,240
H-8596 1:1280 1:320 >1:20,480
H-8597 1:1280 1:320 1:5120
H-8598 1:1280 1:640 1:2560

aHI, hemagglutination inhibition; CF, complement fixation; PRN, plaque reduction neutralization; WNV, West Nile virus.
bAnimals 38 days after inoculation of virus strain NY385-99 (104.0 50% tissue culture infective dose50 given intraperitoneally).
cWNV antigen titer = >1:32.
dHighest serum dilution producing >90% plaque inhibition.

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