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Volume 8, Number 3—March 2002


Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus Infection in a Horse from California

Robert P. Franklin*Comments to Author , Hailu Kinde†, Michele T. Jay‡, Laura D. Kramer†, Emily-Gene N. Green†, Robert E. Chiles†, Eileen Ostlund§, Stan Husted‡, Jonathan Smith¶, and Michael D. Parker¶
Author affiliations: *Humphrey, Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital, Somis, California, USA †University of California Davis, Davis, California, USA; ‡California Department of Health Services, Sacramento, California, USA; §National Veterinary Service Laboratory, Ames, Iowa, USA; ¶U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA;

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Table 2

Comparisons of 1,100 nucleotide sequences of the horse virus isolate, Vaccine A virus strain, and selected GenBank isolates of the structural unit E1

GenBank accession no. Strain/isolate Mutations % Match
Horse 0 100
Vaccine 5 99.5
AF159551 LA50 7 99.4
L37662 PE6 vaccine 11 98.9
U01552 Decuir 13 98.5
U01558 Tenbroeck 15 98.6
U01554 NJ/60 15 98.6
AF159556 FL96-14834 17 98.5
X63135 ssp. N. Am. Variant 18 98.4
AF159550 MA38-Mass 19 98.3
U01555 ME771332 19 98.2
U01034 82V2137 19 98.3

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