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Volume 8, Number 7—July 2002


Bear Canyon Virus: An Arenavirus Naturally Associated with the California Mouse (Peromyscus californicus)

Charles F. Fulhorst*Comments to Author , Stephen G. Bennett†, Mary L. Milazzo*, Hugh L. Murray‡, James P. Webb†, Maria N.B. Cajimat*, and Robert D. Bradley§
Author affiliations: *University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA; †Orange County Vector Control District, Garden Grove, California, USA; ‡County of Riverside, Department of Environmental Health, Hemet, California, USA; §Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA;

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Results of tests for arenaviral infection in 10 antibody-positive or virus-positive rodents, California

Rodent Species Date captured Trap sitea Antibody titerb Viral strain
TK 90425 Neotoma fuscipes 11/13/98 BCN >5,120
TK 90430 Peromyscus californicus 11/13/98 BCN >5,120
TK 90435 P. californicus 11/13/98 BCN >5,120
TK 90438 P. californicus 11/13/98 BCN 1,280 AV A0070039
TK 90444 P. californicus 11/13/98 BCN >5,120
TK 90779 P. californicus 06/11/98 EC1 >5,120 AV A0060207
TK 90586 P. californicus 06/11/98 EC2 >5,120 AV A0060211
TK 90599 P. californicus 06/11/98 EC2 >5,120 AV A0060209
TK 90785 P. californicus 06/11/98 EC2 >5,120 AV A0060210
TK 90496 P. californicus 06/11/98 EC2 320

aBCN, Bear Canyon Trailhead; EC1, El Cariso #1; EC2, El Cariso #2.
bThe antibody titer was the reciprocal of the highest dilution of the blood sample for which the AOD was >0.200 (see text).
—, No viral isolate.

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