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Volume 8, Number 8—August 2002


Outbreak of Cyclosporiasis Associated with Imported Raspberries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2000

Alice Y. Ho*Comments to Author , Adriana S. Lopez†‡, Michael G. Eberhart*, Robert Levenson*, Bernard S. Finkel*, Alexandre J. da Silva‡, Jacquelin M. Roberts‡, Palmer A. Orlandi§, Caroline C. Johnson*, and Barbara L. Herwaldt‡
Author affiliations: *Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; †Atlanta Research and Education Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ‡Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; §Food and Drug Administration, Washington, DC, USA;

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Table 1

Information on attendees of a wedding reception associated with an outbreak of cyclosporiasis, Pennsylvania, June 2000

Variable Case-patients
(n=54)a Non-case attendees
Age, y, median (range)c 38.8 (18–87)
Female sex, no. (%)c 32 (59.3)
Symptoms, no. (%)
Diarrhead 54 (100) 1 (4.0)
Nausea 43 (79.6) 1 (4.0)
Stomach cramps 41 (75.9) 1 (4.0)
Chills/sweats 41 (75.9) 0
Headache 36 (66.7) 0
Muscle/body aches 36 (66.7) 1 (4.0)
Fevere 32 (59.3) 0
Vomiting 26 (48.1) 0
Dizziness 25 (46.3) 0
Rash 3 (5.6) 0
Hospitalization, no. (%) 2 (3.7) 0
Length of stay, days, median (range) 12 (10–14) 0

a Five of the 54 case-patients had laboratory-confirmed cyclosporiasis.
bTwo of the 25 non-case attendees reported having at least one symptom.
cInformation about age and sex was obtained from only two non-case attendees and was not included in the table.
dDiarrhea was defined as having three or more loose stools in a 24-hour period.
eIn case-patients, the median temperature was 37.8°C (range 37.2–38.5°C). No non-case attendees were febrile.

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