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Volume 10, Number 4—April 2004

Pneumocystis jiroveci Dihydropteroate Synthase Genotypes in Immunocompetent Infants and Immunosuppressed Adults, Amiens, France

Anne Totet*, Sophie Latouche†, Philippe Lacube†, Jean-Claude Pautard*, Vincent Jounieaux*, Christian Raccurt*, Patricia Roux†, and Gilles Nevez*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *University Hospital, University of Picardy, Amiens, France; †Saint-Antoine University Hospital, Paris, France

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Figure 2

Frequencies of Pneumocystis jiroveci dihydropteroate synthase mutants in patients with Pneumocystis pneumonia and who had no prior sulfonamide exposure, from diverse European cities. Amiens, France (the present study), Paris (13), Lyon (12), Copenhagen (4), Milan, Italy (2), Rome (11), and London (35).

Figure 2. Frequencies of Pneumocystis jiroveci dihydropteroate synthase mutants in patients with Pneumocystis pneumonia and who had no prior sulfonamide exposure, from diverse European cities. Amiens, France (the present study), Paris (13), Lyon (12), Copenhagen (4), Milan, Italy (2), Rome (11), and London (35).

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