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Volume 10, Number 7—July 2004


Environmental and Occupational Health Response to SARS, Taiwan, 2003

Eric J. Esswein*Comments to Author , Max Kiefer†, Ken Wallingford‡, Greg Burr‡, Lukas Jyhun-Hsiarn Lee§, Jung-Der Wang¶, Shun Chih Wang#, and Ih-Jen Su**
Author affiliations: *National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Denver, Colorado, USA; †NIOSH, Atlanta Field Office, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ‡NIOSH, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; §Department of Health, Taipei, Taiwan; ¶National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; #Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Taipei, Taiwan; and; **Taiwan Center for Disease Control, Taipei, Taiwan

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Table 4

Summary of key features of dedicated SARS hospitalsa,b

Hospital No. IR/no. PRc Work shift Shower outd T&Be % compliancef No. SARS patients
4 h
DSH-2 92/210 8 h Y Un 100 21
DSH-3 126/un ND Y Un 40 0
DSH-4 40/60 4 h Y Un 100 0
DSH-5 42/80 3-2-3 h Y Y 95 0
DSH-6 47/108 4 h N Un 60 0
DSH-7 81/100 4 h Y Y 95 0
DSH-8 72/un 3 h Y Un 70 0
DSH-9 78/un 3 h Y Un 90 0
DSH-10 28/49 3-2-3 h Y Un 60 0
DSH-11 32/100 8 h Y Un 100 0

aAll hospitals had a separate healthcare worker and patient path, single-pass air-handling units that provided 100% outside air with no recirculation, HEPA-filtered exhaust systems for the isolation rooms, UV light germicidal irradiation in the exhaust systems, and visible continuous negative pressure monitor with alarm that demonstrated the isolation room is operating under negative pressure.
bSARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome; DSH, dedicated SARS hospitals; un, unknown or unavailable at the time of the investigation; Y, yes; N, no; ND, not done.
cNumber of isolation rooms (IR) constructed and number of patient rooms (PR) previously at the hospital.
dPersonnel exiting the isolation ward are required to shower as part of the change-out protocol.
eFacility has completed a test and balance (T&B) (commissioning) of the ventilation system to verify proper function.
fPercentage of the construction completed.

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