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Volume 10, Number 8—August 2004


Predicting Antigenic Variants of Influenza A/H3N2 Viruses

Min-Shi Lee*Comments to Author  and Jack Si-En Chen*
Author affiliations: *MedImmune Vaccines, Mountain View, California, USA

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Table 1

Full name, identification (ID), abbreviation, and accession code of influenza H3N2 viruses

Full name ID Abbreviation Accession no.
A/Hong Kong/107/71 A HK71 ISDNHK71
A/England/42/72 B ENG72 ISDNENG72
A/Port Chalmers/1/73 C PC73 ISDNPC73
A/Mayo Clinic/1/75 D MC75 ISDNMC75
A/Victoria/3/75 E VIC75 ISDNVIC75
A/Tokyo/1/75 F TOK75 ISDNTOK75
A/England/864/75 G ENG75 ISDNENG75
A/Allegheny County/29/76 H AC76 Direct entry (12)
A/Victoria/112/76 I VIC76 Direct entry (12)
A/Bangkok/1/79 J BAN179 ISDNBK179
A/Bangkok/2/79 K BAN279 ISDNBK279
A/Philippines/2/82 L PHI82 ISDNPH282
A/Mississippi/1/85 M MIS85 AF008893
A/Leningrad/360/86 N LEN86 AF008903
A/Shanghai/11/87 O SHA87 AF008886
A/Sichuan/2/87 P SIC87 AF008884
A/Sydney/1/87 Q SYD87 AF008882
A/Victoria/7/87 R VIC87 AF008888
A/Beijing/353/89 S BEI89 Z46391
A/Hong Kong/34/90 T HK90 Z46409
A/Beijing/32/92 U BEI92 Direct entry (13)
A/Hong Kong/23/92 V HK92 Direct entry (13)
A/Guangdong/25/93 W GUA93 Z46406
A/Madrid/252/93 X MAD93 Z46411
A/Scotland/142/93 Y SCO142 Z46413
A/Scotland/160/93 Z SCO160 Z46414
A/Shangdong/9/93 AA SHA93 Z46417
A/Hong Kong/1/94 AB HK94 Z46407
A/Johannesburg/33/94 AC JOH94 AF008774
A/Alaska/10/95 AD ALA95 AF008748
A/Nanchang/933/95 AE NCH95 AF008725
A/Wuhan/359/95 AF WHN95 AF008722
A/Auckland/5/96 AG AUC96 AF008714
A/Fujian/47/96 AH FUJ96 AF008726
A/New York/37/96 AI NY96 AF180650
A/South Africa/1147/96 AJ SA96 Direct entry (14)
A/Sydney/5/97 AK SYD97 ISDNASYD97
A/Ireland/10586/99 AL IRE99 Direct entry (15)
A/Moscow/10/99 AM MOS99 ISDN13277
A/Panama/2007/99 AN PAN99 ISDNCDA001
A/Fujian/140/2000 AO FUJ00 Direct entry (16)
A/Chile/6416/2001 AP CHI01 Direct entry (16)
A/New York/55/2001 AQ NY01 Direct entry (16)
A/Fujian/411/2002 AR FUJ02 ISDN38157
A/Hong Kong/1550/2002 AT HK02 Direct entry (16)

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