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Volume 10, Number 8—August 2004


Predicting Antigenic Variants of Influenza A/H3N2 Viruses

Min-Shi Lee*Comments to Author  and Jack Si-En Chen*
Author affiliations: *MedImmune Vaccines, Mountain View, California, USA

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Table 3

Some unique pairwise comparisons showing antigenic distance and amino acid changes

Viruses compared Antigenic distance (ferret HAI titers)a Amino acid changes (antigenic sites)
A/Shanghai/11/87 vs. A/Victoria/7/87
5.7 ([320 x 320]/[40 x 80])½
A/Shanghai/11/87 vs. A/Sichuan/2/87
2.8 ([320 x 640]/[160 x 160])½
E156K(B), S186V(B), R247S(D)
A/Shanghai/11/87 vs. A/Sydney/1/87
2.0 ([320 x 320]/[160x 160])½
A138S(A), N193K(B), R247S(D)
A/Sichuan/2/87 vs. A/Victoria/7/87
5.7 ([320 x 640]/[40 x 160])½
A/Sydney/1/87 vs. A/Victoria/7/87
4.0 ([320 x 320]/[80 x 80])½
S138A(A), K193N(B)
A/Victoria/3/75 vs. A/Victoria/112/76
5.7 ([640 x 2,560]/[640 x 80]) ½
L3F, R229G(D)
A/Sydney/5/97 vs. A/Panama/2007/99
1.4([5,120x 2,560]/[2,560 x 2,560])½
I3L, P21S, R57Q(E), Y137S(A), S142R(A), I144N(A), D172E(D), H183L, T192I(B), I194L(B), I226V(D), H233Y
A/Fujian/140/2000 vs. A/HK/1550/2002
2.0 ([640 x 640]/[320 x 320])½
G14C, A43V, R50G(C), E83K(E), N96S(D), S186V(B), V194I(B), P199S, V202I, W222R, G225D, I226V(D), C247S(D), S273P(C)
A/Chile/6416/01 vs. A/HK/1550/02 2.0 ([320 x 640]/[80 x 640])½ R50G(C), E83K(E), N96S(D), V106A, D144N(A), G186V(B), L194I(B), V202I, H221P, W222R, G225D, K246N(D)

aHemagglutinin-inhibition (HAI) titers were shown as two homologous titers divided by two heterologous titers.

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