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Volume 11, Number 10—October 2005


Myocarditis Outbreak among Adults, Illinois, 2003

Gregory D. Huhn*†Comments to Author , Cindy Gross‡, David Schnurr§, Chris Preas§, Shigeo Yagi§, Sarah Reagan*, Chris Paddock*, Douglas Passaro¶, and Mark S. Dworkin†
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago, Illinois, USA; ‡Kane County Health Department, Aurora, Illinois, USA; §California Department of Health Services, Richmond, California, USA; ¶University of Illinois, Chicago, School of Public Health, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Table 1

Demographic and clinical features of reported myocarditis patients, northern Illinois, 2003

Cardiac test results
Patient and county of residence Age/Sex Date of hospital admission Illness prodrome Echocardiogram ejection fraction (abnormal <45%) Cardiac catheterization Endomyocardial biopsy Other
1, Kane 31 F 3/8 Cough, shortness of breath, malaise for 3–5 d, diarrhea for 2 d Decreased Normal coronary arteries Autopsy: lymphocytic infiltration of the myocardium
2, La Salle 47 M 3/10 None 15%–20% None None EKG*: new onset atrial fibrillation
3, Kendall 70 M 3/4 Upper respiratory tract infection for 2 wk 20%–25% None None
4, Kane
45 F
Fever, shortness of breath, obtundation for 1 d

5, DeKalb 26 F 3/4 Viral bronchitis 1 mo before admission None None None EKG: ventricular fibrillation arrest
6, Kendall 32 M 1/28 Upper respiratory tract infection and diarrhea for 10 d 20% Normal coronary arteries None
7, Kane 42 M 03/25 Cough for 2 wk 20%–25% None None EKG: new onset atrial fibrillation
8, Kane
45 F
Viral illness 3 mo before, increasing palpitations for 3 mo
Normal coronary arteries

9, Will 33 M 3/19 Upper respiratory tract infection for 5 d, shortness of breath for 2 d Dilated cardiomyopathy Normal coronary arteries Lympohocytic and eosinophilic infiltration
10, Fulton 56 M 2/8 Upper respiratory tract infection 1 mo before, fever for 1 d 20% None None
11, Peoria 38 M 2/9 Upper respiratory tract infection for 1 wk 20%–25% Normal coronary arteries None
12, Cook
28 M
Fevers for 2 wk

13, Cook 60 M 3/20 Fever, cough, shortness of breath for 6 d Decreased with global hypokinesis None None
14, Cook† 34 F 2/28 Unknown Decreased, pericardial effusion None None
15, DuPage 39 F 2/28 Upper respiratory tract infection symptoms for 1 wk 20%–25% None None EKG: ventricular fibrillation arrest
16, Winnebago 20 M 4/6 Weight loss for 6 wk, vomiting and hemoptysis for 2 wk None None Acute dilated cardiomyopathy EKG: asystolic arrest

*EKG, electrocardiogram.
†Patient 14 had a diagnosis of myopericarditis.

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