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Volume 11, Number 10—October 2005


Myocarditis Outbreak among Adults, Illinois, 2003

Gregory D. Huhn*†Comments to Author , Cindy Gross‡, David Schnurr§, Chris Preas§, Shigeo Yagi§, Sarah Reagan*, Chris Paddock*, Douglas Passaro¶, and Mark S. Dworkin†
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago, Illinois, USA; ‡Kane County Health Department, Aurora, Illinois, USA; §California Department of Health Services, Richmond, California, USA; ¶University of Illinois, Chicago, School of Public Health, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Table 2

Laboratory features of reported myocarditis case-patients, northern Illinois, 2003*

Patient and county of residence Local test results
California laboratory tests
Group B coxsackie virus serology (reference range <1:8) Other Specimens Date collected Results
1, Kane None Blood cultures: negative; pericardial fluid culture: negative Serum, myocardial tissue 3/8, 3/9 Negative Died
2, La Salle None Serum 4/2 Negative Recovered
3, Kendall None Serum 4/1 Negative Recovered
4, Kane
Legionella urinary antigen: negative; sputum, blood, CSF, urine, stool viral cultures: negative
5, DeKalb None Serum 4/2 Negative AICD, recovered
6, Kendall None Serum 4/1 Negative Recovered
7, Kane Acute: negative Influenza A and B: negative; blood, throat, urine, stool viral culture: negative Serum 3/25 Negative Recovered
8, Kane

9, Will None Myocardial tissue 3/03 Negative Recovered
10, Fulton None None Recovered
11, Peoria Acute: positive 1:80; convalescent: positive 1:80 Mycoplasma IgM serology: negative (reference range < 0.77 U/L); mycoplasma IgG serology: positive 1.47 U/L (reference range < 0.77 U/L); EBV, CMV serology: negative Serum 4/3 Negative Recovered
12, Cook
Nasopharyngeal, stool culture: negative

13, Cook Acute: negative Echovirus serology: negative Influenza A and B, RSV rapid tests: negative; Legionella urinary antigen: negative Serum 4/12 Negative Recovered
14, Cook† Acute: positive 1:320; convalescent: 1:640 Blood culture: negative; mycoplasma IgM serology: 0.11 negative (reference range < 0.77 U/L); mycoplasma IgG serology: negative 0.07 U/L (reference range < 0.77 U/L); acute echovirus type 11 serology: 1:320 (reference range >1:10); acute influenza A serology: negative (reference range >1:8; acute influenza B serology:positive 1:32; convalescent influenza B serology: negative (reference range <1:8); endotracheal viral culture: negative None Recovered
15, DuPage Acute: negative CMV, EBV serology: negative None AICD, recovered
16, Winnebago None Myocardial tissue 4/7 Negative Died

*CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; EBV, Epstein-Barr virus; CMV, cytomegalovirus; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; AICD, automatic interventricular cardiac defibrillator.
†Patient 14 had myopericarditis.

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