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Volume 11, Number 11—November 2005

West Nile Virus Epidemic, Northeast Ohio, 2002

Anna M. Mandalakas*†Comments to Author , Christopher Kippes†, Joseph Sedransk*, Jeffery R. Kile*, Asha Garg*, John McLeod†, Richard L. Berry‡, and Anthony A. Marfin§
Author affiliations: *Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA; †Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland, Ohio, USA; ‡Ohio Department of Health, Columbus, Ohio, USA; §Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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Table 1

WNV seroprevalence*

Seroprevalence No. positive/no. tested Weighted % (95% CI)
Overall 34/1,209 1.9 (0.8–4.6)
5–17 y 4/168 6.5 (4.3–9.5)
18–64 y 25/790 1.3 (0.4–4.5)†
>65 y 5/219 1.4 (0.4–4.5)‡
More human illnesses reported; higher MIR(stratum 1)§¶ 16/463 2.5 (0.6–9.2)
Fewer human illnesses reported; varying MIR (stratum 2)# 7/453 1.5 (0.2–4.4)
No human illnesses reported; varying MIR (stratum 3)** 11/293 3.3 (0.4–23.9)

*WNV, West Nile virus; CI, confidence interval; MIR, minimum infection rate.
†Significant difference between 5- to 17-year-old and 18- to 64-year-old patients (p<0.02).
‡Significant difference between 5- to 17-year-old and >65-year-old patients (p<0.01).
§Reference 9.
¶Stratum 1 included neighborhoods with at least 9 reported human cases, a WNV case rate >4.5/10,000, and mosquito MIR >15/1,000.
#Stratum 2 included neighborhoods with at least 1 reported human case, a WNV case rate <4.5/10,000, and varying levels of MIR (0–54/1,000).
**Stratum 3 included neighborhoods with no known human cases and varying levels of MIR.

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