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Volume 11, Number 6—June 2005


Integrating Escherichia coli Antimicrobial Susceptibility Data from Multiple Surveillance Programs

John M. Stelling*†Comments to Author , Karin Travers*, Ronald N. Jones‡§, Philip J. Turner¶, Thomas F. O'Brien*†, and Stuart B. Levy*§
Author affiliations: *Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; †Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; ‡The Jones Group, North Liberty, Iowa, USA; §Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; ¶AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Table 3

Nonsusceptibility rates of Escherichia coli by region, 2001*

Drug North America Latin America Northern Europe Southern Europe + South Africa Western Pacific
20%–40% Canada (35%) Sweden (31%) Italy (40%) Japan (30%)
40%–60% United States (44%) Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela (54%–57%) Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom (46%–57%) Greece (51%) Australia, Singapore (50%–54%)
>60% Colombia, Mexico (71%–76%) Poland (62%–84%) Israel, South Africa, Spain, Turkey (62%–84%) Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan (64%–82%)
0%–20% Italy (19%) Australia, Japan (11%–17%)
20%–40% Canada, United States (20%–23%) Argentina, Chile (28%–39%) Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (20%–31%) France, Greece, Spain (20%–31%)
40%–60% Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela (51%–57%) Germany (40%) Israel, South Africa, Turkey (42%–59%) Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan (40%–60%)
≤5% Canada, United States (MYS 3%, SEN 1%–2%) Brazil, Chile (SEN 2%–4%) Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (MYS 0%–3%, SEN 0%–3%) Greece (SEN), France, South Africa Spain, Turkey (SEN) (MYS 4%, SEN 0%–5%) Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore (MYS 0%, SEN 2%–3%)
>5% Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela (MYS 7%–13%, SEN 6%–11%) Greece (MYS), Israel, Italy, Turkey (MYS) (MYS 6%–11%, SEN 6%–8%) Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand (MYS 19%, SEN 6%)
≤10% United States, Canada (MYS 2%–10%, SEN 7%–9%) Argentina (MYS), Brazil (SEN) (MYS 4%, SEN 10%) Belgium (MYS), Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (MYS 0%–7%, SEN 0%–9%) France, South Africa (SEN 2%–6%) Australia, Japan (MYS 0%, SEN 0%–2%)
>10% Argentina (SEN), Brazil (MYS), Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela (MYS 14%–17%, SEN 12%–26%) Belgium (SEN), Germany (MYS 18%, SEN 14%–26%) Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Turkey (MYS 14%–39%, SEN 14%–30%) Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan (SEN 12%–31%)

*For countries with <30 isolates in 2001, data from 2000 and 2001 were combined. Ranges of nonsusceptibility rates are indicated in parentheses. For ampicillin and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, data are only available from the SENTRY system. MYS, MYSTIC; SEN, SENTRY.

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