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Volume 13, Number 1—January 2007


Similar Biochemical Signatures and Prion Protein Genotypes in Atypical Scrapie and Nor98 Cases, France and Norway

Jean-Noël Arsac*, Olivier Andreoletti†, Jean-Marc Bilheude‡, Caroline Lacroux†, Sylvie L. Benestad§, and Thierry G.M. Baron*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments, Lyon, France; †Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse, Toulouse, France; ‡Bio-Rad, Marnes-la-Coquette, France; §National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway;

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Atypical, Nor98, and classic scrapie isolates from sheep and goats and distribution of genotypes*

Sheep isolates
Goat isolates
GenotypeAtypical, n = 51 (no. of fully characterized isolates)Nor98, n = 4Classic, n = 74Atypical, n = 3Classic, n = 60
AF141RQ/ARR16 (3)1 (0)
ARQ9 (3)5
AF141RQ7 (3)1 (0)
VRQ3 (0)4
AHQ/ARR2 (1)
AHQ2 (0)2 (1)1 (1)
ARQ1 (0)1 (1)
ARH1 (1)
VRQ1 (0)
ARR/ARR6 (3)
ARQ/ARR2 (2)
ARQ291 (0)60
ARH/ARH1 (1)3

*Amino acids encoded at positions 136, 141, 154, and 171 are indicated.

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