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Volume 13, Number 10—October 2007


Super-Sentinel Chickens and Detection of Low-Pathogenicity Influenza Virus

Philip I. Marcus*Comments to Author , Theodore Girshick†, Louis van der Heide*, and Margaret J. Sekellick*
Author affiliations: *University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA; †Charles River Specific Pathogen Free Avian Supplies, Storrs, Connecticut, USA;

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Table 1

Seroconversion in influenza A virus–infected 3-week-old chickens given water or water + interferon*

Infection type† No. chickens
Water Water + interferon‡ Total
Overtly infected 4/8§ 8/8 16
Sentinel 2/32 31/31 63
Combined 6/40 39/39 79

*Represents 4 independent trials.
†Overtly infected birds were mixed with uninfected sentinel cage mates, the latter to become infected naturally.
‡Recombinant chicken interferon-α at 2,000 U/mL (5).
§No. positive birds/total no. receiving treatment, scored by agar gel precipitin or hemagglutination inhibition tests.

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