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Volume 13, Number 7—July 2007


Brazilian Vaccinia Viruses and Their Origins

Giliane S. Trindade*1, Ginny L. Emerson*1, Darin S. Carroll*, Erna G.†, and Inger K. Damon*Comments to Author 

Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil;

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Table 2

Complete virus genome sequences of orthopoxviruses

Species      Strain, isolate (abbreviation)GenBank accession no.
Vaccinia virus3737 (VACV-3737)DQ377945
Acambis 3000 (VACV-Acambis 3000)AY603355
Acambis 2000 (VACV-Acambis 2000)AY313847
Acambis 3 (VACV-Acambis 3)AY313848
Vaccinia DUKE (VACV-DUKE)DQ439815
Lister (VACV-LIS)AY678276
Tian Tan (VACV-TianTan)AY678275
Western Reserve (VACV-WR)AY243312
Modified Vaccinia Ankara (VACV-MVA)U94848
Copenhagen (VACV-COP)M35027
Horsepox virusHPXV MNR-76 (HPXV)DQ792504
Rabbitpox virusUtrecht (RPXV-UTR)AY484669
Cowpox virusBrighton Red (CPXV-BR)AF482758
GRI-90 (CPXV-GRI)X94355
Variola virusBangladesh-1975 (VARV-BSH 75)L22579
Garcia-1966 (VARV-GAR)X76266
India-1967 (VARV-IND)X69198
Monkeypox virusCongo_2003_ (MPX-RCG 2003)DQ011154
Liberia_1970_184 (MPXV-LIB 1970)DQ011156
USA_2003_039 (MPXV-USA 2003 039)DQ011157
WRAIR7-61 (MPXV-61 WR)AY603973
Zaire_1979-005 (MPXV-ZAI 1979)DQ011155
Zaire-96-I-16 (MPXV-ZAI 1996)AF380138
Ectromelia virusMoscow (ECTV-MOS)AF012825
Camelpox virusCMS (CMLV-CMS)AY009089
M-96 (CMLV-M96)AF438165

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1These authors contributed equally to this work.