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Volume 14, Number 11—November 2008


Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis 
Outbreak among US-bound Hmong 
Refugees, Thailand, 2005

John E. OeltmannComments to Author , Jay K. Varma, Luis Ortega, Yecai Liu, Thomas O’Rourke, Maria Cano, Theresa A. Harrington, Sean Toney, Warren Jones, Samart Karuchit, Lois Diem, Dhanida Rienthong, Jordan W. Tappero, Kashef Ijaz, and Susan A. Maloney
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (J.E. Oeltmann, L. Ortega, Y. Liu, M. Cano, T. Harrington, S. Toney, L. Diem, K. Ijaz, S.A. Maloney); Thailand Ministry of Public Health–US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Collaboration, Bangkok, Thailand (J.K. Varma, S. Karuchit, J.W. Tappero); The International Organization for Migration, Bangkok (T. O’Rourke, W. Jones); Thailand Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok (D. Rienthong);

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Table 2

Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug-susceptibility test results, by genotype, Hmong refugee tuberculosis patients, Thailand, February 2005*

Genotype cluster Isolate results
Some resistance MDR TB Pansusceptible Total
Unique isolates 5 3 8 16
A 0 0 3 3
B 0 0 2 2
C 0 20 0 20
D 0 0 2 2
E 1 0 2 3
Total 6 23 17 46

*MDR TB, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

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