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Volume 14, Number 11—November 2008


Unusual Cryptosporidium Genotypes in Human Cases of Diarrhea

Guy Robinson, Kristin Elwin, and Rachel M. ChalmersComments to Author 
Author affiliations: UK Cryptosporidium Reference Unit, Swansea, UK;

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Descriptive epidemiology and identification of 3 unusual Cryptosporidium genotypes in patients, United Kingdom*

Sample ID Patient details and exposures 2 weeks before illness Identification at 3 genes (similarity to GenBank isolates)
W971 25-year-old woman, swam regularly in a pool, holiday in UK forest park W13 
(790/790-bp homology to AY737559) Skunk genotype 
(279/279-bp homology to AY120917) Sequence data unavailable
W6863 30-year-old woman, immunocompetent, foreign travel, swam in a pool Horse genotype 
(483/485 bp, 99.6%, similarity to AY273770) Horse genotype 
(389/389-bp homology to AY273774) C. parvum 
(503/506 bp, 99.4%, similarity to DQ388390)
W16103 48-year-old woman, immunocompetent, foreign travel (Spain), contact with animals (birds) Rabbit genotype 
(784/784-bp homology to AF120901) Rabbit genotype 
(279/279-bp homology to AY273775) C. hominis 
(506/506 bp to DQ388389)

*ID, identification; SSU, small subunit; HSP, heat shock protein; COWP, Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein.

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