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Volume 14, Number 5—May 2008

Policy Review

Public Response to Community Mitigation Measures for Pandemic Influenza

Robert J. Blendon*Comments to Author , Lisa M. Koonin†, John M. Benson*, Martin S. Cetron†, William E. Pollard†, Elizabeth W. Mitchell†, Kathleen J. Weldon*, and Melissa J. Herrmann‡
Author affiliations: *Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; †Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ‡International Communications Research, Media, Pennsylvania, USA;

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Table 5

Responses to questions about other community mitigation strategies*

Question Possible responses
Yes No Don’t know/refused/ not applicable
Would follow recommendation if public health officials said for 1 mo you should:
Avoid air travel 93 5 1
Avoid public events like movies, sporting events, or concerts 92 7 <0.5
Avoid going to malls and department stores 91 9 1
Limit your use of public transportation, buses and trains 89 7 4
Cancel doctor or hospital appointments that are not critical at the time 89 10 1
Reduce contact with people outside your own household as much as possible 88 11 1
Avoid going to church or religious services 82 16 1
Postpone family or personal events such as parties, weddings, or funerals 79
Not likely
Don’t know/refused
Would stay in town or city during serious outbreak if public health officials recommended you do so 90 9 <0.5

*From the Harvard School of Public Health, Pandemic Influenza Survey, 2006. Numbers represent percentage of responses to each question.

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