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Volume 14, Number 6—June 2008


Major Issues and Challenges of Influenza Pandemic Preparedness in Developing Countries

Hitoshi Oshitani*Comments to Author , Taro Kamigaki*, and Akira Suzuki*
Author affiliations: *Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan;

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Table 2

Hospital bed requirements during an influenza pandemic in countries with different economic status*

Category of country Mean no. hospital beds/1,000 population (range) Mean no. hospital beds required, as % of available hospital beds (range)
15% Incidence rate 35% Incidence rate
High income (N = 38 per capita) 50.7 (21–196) 8.9 (2.2–15.5) 20.8 (5.2–35.7)
Upper middle income (N = 28 per capita) 45.1 (9–99) 10.6 (3.9–30.1) 24.8 (9.0–70.3)
Lower middle income (N = 46 per capita) 30.0 (5–112) 15.5 (2.4–50.0) 36.2 (5.7–116)
Low income (N = 19 per capita) 26.2 (1.5–132) 33.9 (2.5–164) 79.1 (5.9–383)

*Only those countries with data on hospital beds and that were included in the World Bank country classification were included in the analyses. African countries are not incorporated in the analyses because they have no hospital bed data.

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