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Volume 14, Number 6—June 2008


Underreporting of Human Alveolar Echinococcosis, Germany

Pernille Jorgensen*Comments to Author , Matthias an der Heiden*, Petra Kern†, Irene Schöneberg*, Gérard Krause*, and Katharina Alpers*
Author affiliations: *Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany; †European Echinococcosis Registry, Ulm, Germany;

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Table 2

Log linear estimates of the total number of alveolar echinococcosis cases, Germany, 2003–2005*

Models† df AIC x N 95% CI for N
Saturated: Interaction (RKI, EER) and (RKI, PAS) and (EER, PAS) 0 0.00 174 288 129–2020
Interaction (RKI, EER) and (RKI, PAS) 1 –1.49 83 197 143–358
Interaction (RKI, PAS) and (EER, PAS) 1 –1.33 70 184 148–253
Interaction (RKI, EER) and (EER, PAS) 1 –1.66 285 399 189–1961
Interaction (RKI, PAS) 2 –3.33 70 184 150–242
Interaction (RKI, EER) 2 –1.57 134 248 171–430
Interaction (EER, PAS) 2 –0.08 93 207 163–287
Independent (no interactions) 3 –1.94 89 203 163–268

*RKI, Robert Koch Institute; EER, European Echinococcosis Registry; PAS, pathologists’ survey; df, degrees of freedom; AIC, Akaike Information Criterion (measures how well the model fits the data [small values indicate a better fit]); x, estimate of unascertained cases; N, estimate of total number of cases (total number of observed cases + x); CI, goodness-of-fit–based confidence interval.
†Each model includes all first-order terms. The first model (saturated) adjusts for dependencies between all 3 source pairs; the second model adjusts for possible dependencies between RKI and EER, and between RKI and PAS, etc.

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