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Volume 14, Number 7—July 2008


Household Responses to School Closure Resulting from Outbreak of Influenza B, North Carolina

April J. Johnson*Comments to Author , Zack S. Moore*†, Paul J. Edelson*, Lynda Kinnane‡, Megan Davies*†, David K. Shay*, Amanda Balish*, Meg McCarron*, Lenee Blanton*, Lyn Finelli*, Francisco Averhoff*, Joseph Bresee*, Jeffrey Engel†, and Anthony Fiore*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; ‡Toe River Health District, Burnsville, North Carolina, USA;

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Table 5

Household responses to school closure and difficulties obtaining childcare, Yancey County, North Carolina, 2006

Response No. (%)
Felt closure was appropriate (N = 220) 201 (91)
Reason it was appropriate (N = 201)
To protect health of the community 82 (41)
Too many sick children 71 (35)
To protect their child and family 23 (11)
Schools would be understaffed
8 (4)
Felt closure was not appropriate (N = 220) 10 (5)
Reason it was not appropriate (N = 10)
Could result in lost income 4 (40)
Did not think influenza was in the area 3 (30)
Did not think it was an effective measure 2 (20)
Too difficult to make childcare arrangements
1 (10)
Overall preparedness (N = 220)
Had enough time to prepare for closure 198 (90)
Could not think of anything that would have 
 made them more prepared 180 (84)
Could have used more time 20 (9)

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