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Volume 14, Number 9—September 2008


Indigenous Dengue Fever, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marcela Natiello, Viviana RitaccoComments to Author , María Alejandra Morales, Bettina Deodato, Marisa Picollo, Edith Dinerstein, and Delia Enria
Author affiliations: Hospital “F. J. Muñiz,” Buenos Aires, Argentina (M. Natiello, B. Deodato, M. Picollo); Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas CONICET, Buenos Aires (V. Ritacco); Hospital Interzonal de Agudos “Evita,” Lanús, Argentina (E. Dinerstein); Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Virales Humanas "Dr. Julio I. Maiztegui,”, Pergamino, Argentina (M.A. Morales, D. Enria);

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Serologic findings of an autochthonous case of dengue fever, Buenos Aires, February 2007

Date (days after onset) MAC-ELISA* Plaque reduction neutralization test (90%)
Saint Louis encephalitis virus West Nile virus Yellow fever virus Dengue 1 virus Dengue 2 virus Dengue 3 virus Dengue 4 virus
2007 Jul 7 (16) + <20 <20 <20 80 <20 80 <20
2007 Apr 13 (53) ND <20 <20 <20 40 <20 640 <20

*Immunoglobulin M antibody-capture enzyme immunoassay with suckling mouse dengue virus antigen mixture of dengue 1, dengue 2, dengue 3, and dengue 4 serotypes. ND, not determined.

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