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Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009


Imported Case of Poliomyelitis, Melbourne, Australia, 2007

Andrew J. StewardsonComments to Author , Jason A. Roberts, Carolyn L. Beckett, Hayden T. Prime, Poh-Sien Loh, Bruce R. Thorley, and John R. Daffy
Author affiliations: Eastern Health, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (A.J. Stewardson, C.L. Beckett, P.-S. Loh, J.R. Daffy); Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, Melbourne (J.A. Roberts, B.R. Thorley); MIA Victoria, Melbourne (H.T. Prime)

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Virus diagnostic tests for poliovirus conducted for 22-year-old male Pakistani student in Melbourne, Australia, 2007*

Specimen Time after symptom onset, d EV RT-PCR Cell culture PV1 ELISA ITD PCR
Feces 15 Negative Positive PV1NSL PV1 wild
Swab (throat) 15 Negative Negative
CSF 15 Negative Negative
Feces 17 Positive Positive Not tested PV1 wild
Feces 25 Negative Negative
Feces 28 Negative Negative
Feces 30 Negative Negative
Feces 37 Negative Negative

*EV RT-PCR, panenterovirus reverse transcription–PCR for direct detection from original clinical specimen; PV1, poliovirus type 1; ITD PCR, intratypic differentiation PCR; PV1NSL, poliovirus type 1 non–Sabin-like; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid.

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