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Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009


Isolation of Candidatus Bartonella melophagi from Human Blood1

Ricardo G. Maggi, Michael Y. Kosoy, Melanie Mintzer, and Edward B. BreitschwerdtComments to Author 
Author affiliations: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (R.G. Maggi and E.B. Breitschwerdt); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (M. Kosoy); Generations Family Practice, Cary, North Carolina, USA (M. Mintzer)

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Sequence similarities for 16S–23S ITS and 3 genes from 2 patient isolates and available GenBank sequences*

Sequence or gene Basepair homology (%) Basepair homology (%)
ITS Bartonella sp. tick† Bartonella melophagi‡
Patient 1 405/408 (99.3) 385/388 (99.2)
Patient 2
405/408 (99.3)
385/388 (99.2)
gltA Bartonella sp. sheep blood§ B. melophagi
Patient 1
131/134 (97.8)
183/187 (97.9)
rpoB B. melophagi#
Patient 1
651/656 (99.2)
16S rRNA Wolbachia melophagi** B. melophagi††
Patient 1 670/671 (99.8) 631/633 (99.7)

*ITS, internal transcribed spacer; gltA, citrate synthase; rpoB, RNA polymerase B; NA, not available.
†Uncultured Bartonella sp. clone BT7498 sequenced from a tick from Peru (GenBank accession no. AF415209).
‡Candidatus B. melophagi strain K-2C isolated from a sheep ked (M. Kosoy, unpub. data).
§Bartonella sp. isolated from commercial sheep blood agar plates (GenBank accession no. EU020109).
¶Candidatus B. melophagi strains K-9B and K-2C isolated from sheep ked (GenBank accession nos. AY724769 and AY724769).
#Candidatus B. melophagi strain K-2C isolated from sheep ked (GenBank accession no. EF605288).
**W. melophagi sequenced from Melophagus ovinus sheep keds (GenBank accession no. X89110).
††Candidatus B. melophagi strain K-2C isolated from a sheep ked (GenBank accession no. AY724770).

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1Results of this study were presented in part at the 21st Meeting of the American Society for Rickettsiology, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, September 8–11, 2007.