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Volume 15, Number 11—November 2009


Risk of Importing Zoonotic Diseases through Wildlife Trade, United States

Boris I. PavlinComments to Author , Lisa M. Schloegel, and Peter Daszak
Author affiliations: World Health Organization, Palikir, Federated States of Micronesia (B.I. Pavlin); Wildlife Trust, New York, New York, USA (L.M. Schloegel, P. Daszak)

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Table 3

Mammal genera capable of harboring the greatest number of risk zoonoses*

Genus (common name) No. (%) risk zoonoses
Canis (dogs) 14 (52)
Felis (cats) 14 (52)
Rattus (rats) 13 (48)
Equus (horses) 11 (41)
Macaca (macaques) 10 (37)
Lepus (rabbits and hares) 10 (37)
Ovis (sheep) 9 (33)
Vulpes (foxes) 9 (33)

*Risk zoonoses, relevant zoonotic diseases at risk for importation into the United States; n = 27.

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