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Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009


Isolation of Genotype V St. Louis Encephalitis Virus in Florida

Christy L. OttendorferComments to Author , Jason H. Ambrose, Gregory S. White, Thomas R. Unnasch, and Lillian M. Stark
Author affiliations: University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA (C.L. Ottendorfer, J.H. Ambrose, G.S. White, T.R. Unnasch, L.M. Stark); Florida Department of Health, Tampa (C.L. Ottendorfer, J.H. Ambrose, L.M. Stark); University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, USA (G.S. White)

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SLEV strains sequenced for phylogenetic analysis*

Strain Designation Location Year Host Passage GenBank
accession no.
FL52-Miami FL52 Miami, FL 1952 Human SM1, Vero 1 EU906866
TBH-28 TBH-28 Tampa Bay, FL 1962 Human SM11, Vero 2 EU906867
F72-M022 FL72 Walnut Hill, FL 1972 Opossum SM3, Vero 1 EU906868
86-100309 FL85a Indian River, FL† 1985 Culex nigripalpus mosquitoes SM1, Vero 1 EU906869
86-100802 FL85b Indian River, FL 1985 C. nigripalpus mosquitoes SM2, Vero 1 EU906870
1A-059 FL89 Indian River, FL 1989 Northern cardinal SM2, Vero 1 EU906871
3-594 FL90a Indian River, FL 1990 Common grackle SM1, Vero 1 EU906872
3A-038 FL90b Indian River, FL 1990 Mourning dove SM1, Vero 1 EU906873
3-582 FL90c Indian River, FL 1990 Common grackle SM1, Vero 1 EU906874
CXN GR8 FL90d Indian River, FL 1990 C. nigripalpus mosquitoes SM2, Vero 1 EU906875
FL06-S569 FLS569 Sarasota, FL† 2006 Chicken Vero 1 EU906876
FL06-S650 FLS650 Sarasota, FL 2006 Chicken Vero 1 EU906877
TRVL21647 TR58 Trinidad 1958 C. coronator mosquitoes SM3, Vero 1 EU906878
TRVL43174 TR62 Trinidad 1962 C. nigripalpus mosquitoes SM4, Vero 1 EU906879
BeAn70092 BR64 Belem, Brazil 1964 Kingfisher ?, SM1, Vero1 EU906880
BeAn156204 BR69 Belem, Brazil 1969 Chicken SM2, Vero 1 EU906881

*SLEV, St. Louis encephalitis virus; SM, suckling mouse. Twelve strains collected over 5 decades in Florida were sequenced for phylogenetic analysis. Four South American strains of SLEV were acquired by the Bureau of Laboratories–Tampa before 1972 and sequenced as representative of genotype V SLEV. One control strain (TBH-28) was analyzed and used as a positive control in reverse transcription–PCR and sequencing assays. TBH-28 represents a Florida isolate of SLEV made during the 1960s, but the envelope sequence was previously published (GenBank accession no. AF205469).
†Indian River and Sarasota counties.

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