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Volume 15, Number 5—May 2009


A Case–Control Study on the Origin of Atypical Scrapie in Sheep, France

Alexandre FediaevskyComments to Author , Eric Morignat, Christian Ducrot, and Didier Calavas
Author affiliations: Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments, Lyon, France (A. Fediaevsky, E. Morignat, D. Calavas); Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Clermont-Theix, France (A. Fediaevsky, C, Ducrot)

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Table 6

Multivariate analyses coefficient parameters of the final model for atypical scrapie in sheep, France*

VariableCoefficient (β)Standard error (β)p value†
Random coefficient02.00 × 10–5
Intercept−1.510.242 × 10–10
No. animals tested during 2002–20060.040.016 × 10–10
Sheep dairy farm2.710.782 × 10–5
Organic farm−1.881.080.03
Corn silage in C0−1.810.595 × 10–4
Vitamin and mineral supplements in C0−0.510.330.02
Interaction term between sheep dairy farm and vitamin and mineral supplements in C0−1.690.880.04

*For categorical variables, the reference value was no. C0, birth cohort assuming that in each flock all animals born during the same birth campaign (defined from July 1 of year n – 1 to June 30 of year n) shared the same exposure.
†By log likelihood ratio test.

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